10 Natural Remedies to Suppress Appetite

10 Natural Remedies to Suppress Appetite
10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite.

Many people nowadays complain that they want to lose weight, but they have no control over their eating. The only thing most people say is that they have no control over what they eat. And hence they face multiple problems like weight gain, getting restless, feeling depressed, get hungry at night, can’t sleep properly, etc. and that’s why they cannot pay proper attention at work and in their life, they feel lethargic and spreads negativity all around. In this article 10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite we are going to see how to make control over unwanted appetite.

But don’t worry, we have such simple home remedies that if we follow them regularly, this problem can go away from your life forever without any side effects and its 100% natural.

Here we’ll see 10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite.

Take More Fiber in your daily meals

Foods high in fiber help to satisfy your appetite. Fiber-rich foods improve your insulin level and also help to get rid of from digestive and constipation problems. So if you increase the amount of fiber in your diet, it helps a lot in suppressing your appetite and keeps you very fresh throughout the day.

Fibers include fruits, leafy vegetables, cereals, soybeans, nuts, oatmeal, etc. If you use them in your daily diet, it will not only help you to lose weight but also improve your overall health. Also you feel fresh and enthusiastic in your daily routine.

Drink More Water Every day

Scientists have said that many people have a misconception that drinking too much water upsets the stomach. But this is completely wrong. Drinking more water improves your whole digestion system and also helps in reducing unnecessary or unwanted appetite.

Instead of taking plain water, you can also try lemonade, or add some your favorite flavors like orange slices, mint, basils etc. which is also a great drink for weight loss.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is very dangerous for overall heath.  Less sleep can convert you into stress, depression, confuse mind, unwanted hunger. And also can have a greater risk for diabetes. Make sure you should take at least 7-8 hours quality sleep daily.

Try to Eat Slowly

Take your time when you eat, because eating too fast can make it harder for you to eat more. You should give time at least 40 minutes to eat every day. Not only for your regular meals, even to eat one fruit you must eat slowly to digest properly. Eating fast is dangerous for overall health.

According to a research, eating fast and low quality food is increasing the rate of death faster than smoking. Try to eat in comfort, take time to eat, take meals with your friends and family, and enjoy a meal daily.

Do Exercise

Daily workout affect the brain’s appetite control center. Exercising daily keeps you fresh throughout the day. It helps your brain’s nerves to move more. Also helps to balance your hormone level. Doing daily Exercise keeps you away from unnecessary eating. This is the best appetite suppressant to reduce unwanted hunger.

Eat More Protein in the Meal

If you want to stop eating unnecessarily, you need to take protein. Protein helps a lot in increasing your energy level. It gives you strength, and helps to increase your intelligence level.

Take protein in your meals such as seafood, diary products- milk, curd, cheese. Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds etc. Legumes and beans like lentils, split peas, tofu and grains.  

Avoid Sugary Foods

Sweets are the most dangerous for weight gain and unhealthy eating. Dangerous foods are cakes, biscuits, ice cream, sweets, and surgery baked products. Everyone loves sugary foods, but you need to be in control. Sweets makes you more hungrier.

Many people mistakenly think that eating sweets kills appetite but this is a clear mistake. Eating sweet foods will sooner you lose your appetite, the sooner you feel hungry.

Eat Some Cloves

Chewing 1-2 cloves twice in day has been shown to reduce appetite. Try to eat before meal. Due to its strong taste you will eat automatically less amount of food as compare to your regular amount of meals. Cloves also plays an important role to reduce extra fats.

Green Tea

Green tea is the best appetite suppressant. Instead of taking regular tea or coffee in morning try to drink green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants. Not only it helps to decrease extra amount of fats but also it helps in controlling unnecessary hunger.

Drink Warm Liquids

Drink warm liquids like tea (especially green or herbal tea), black coffee, or warm water. Just having something warm in your stomach can reduce or quench feelings of hunger. When you wake up in morning, make a regular habit to drink warm water first. It will also help in removing bacteria in stomach. Also good for digestion and constipation problems.