How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

No matter how healthy a person is, but when cake or ice cream comes in front, it becomes extremely difficult to refuse or stop yourself. Knowing that the consumption of sweets can have many negative effects on health such as headaches, lethargy or hormonal imbalance. Despite all this, it becomes almost difficult to remove sugar from your diet.So, in this article, How to reduce Sugar cravings naturally, we are going to see in detail ,how to control sugar cravings.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally
How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

The scientific reason behind this is that sugar activates opioid receptors in our brain which starts the brain’s reward system. If we say in simple language, eating things that made from sugar, our mood is good and we are happy and our brain gets used to it so that whenever we are sad or our mood is not good then We start craving some sweet food.

We Indians are fond of eating sweets. Just understand that if we do not eat something sweet after eating, our stomach does not get satiety. Be it a festival or a wedding. Sweets are definitely part of our food and drinks. But most people do not care about the harm caused by eating sweets. Actually, we feel the need to eat sweet. Do you know why it feels summoned?

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Reasons of Sugar Cravings 🙁

There are many reasons of how to reduce sugar cravings in our body. It is very important for you to know them.

1. Tension or Stress :

Craving of sugar is more for those who like sweet but experts believe that if there is stress in life or you are in depression, then there are frequent cravings of sugar. Stress hormones are secreted in the taste cells of the mouth and in conditions of stress they not only affect the taste but also cause a desire to eat sweet. ( Also Read, 10 Proven Natural Ways To Deal With Depression )

2. High carbohydrate :

Carbohydrates are high in Indian cuisine. Due to this, our body starts feeling lack of sugar and craving to eat something sweet.

3. Symptoms of Diabetes :

Eating more sweet causes more thirst. Due to increased sugar in the blood, the body needs more water to bring the blood to flow, due to which the thirst starts to increase. It is a symptom of pre-diabetes. Meaning that if the craving of sugar is increasing then you may have diabetes. ( Also Read, Diabetes : Best Natural Remedies That Can Help You Control Diabetes )

4. Changing lifestyle :

In the changing lifestyle, people like to eat foods like pizza, burgers, chips, bakery food, cold drinks, etc. instead of healthy foods and then gradually become a part of such food items lifestyle and when they are away from them Cravings of sugar begin to occur. Actually all these food items make the body addicted to sugar.

5. Due to Fatigue :

You follow the diet properly throughout the day. Eat everything healthy. But in the evening, you are so tired of gym or dieting that if you do not want to make anything else, then you eat a chocolate or donut.

6. High Intake of Salt :

Many people have weird habit to eat excess amount of salt in their meals. Excess salt is very bad for health. Not only it increases sugar cravings, but also it is dangerous for high blood pressure.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

Home Remedies For Sugar Cravings 🙂

Some people’s desire to eat sweet is so intense that if they do not eat sweet once a day, then they miss it all day. So if you have craving sugar too, then we are telling you how to reduce it.

1. Eat Natural Sugar

Some people may try no matter how much they try, but they cannot kill their mind. Therefore, such people can consume natural sugar. Consumption of sugar is less harmful naturally. Fruits, vegetables etc. have natural sugar as well as other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It helps in limiting the level of sugar in the blood and controls the level of dopamine. So whenever you want, you can reduce your craving by eating something with natural sugar.

2. Try to Eat less Sugary foods

Do not worry if the craving of sugar is not decreasing even after trying hard. We know that eating something sweet after lunch or dinner is a habit of many people. So whenever you feel like eating sweet, start eating half or half of what you had before. This will also calm your craving and the damage will not be too much.

3. Decide the amount of Sugar

To keep yourself healthy, decide how much sugar you need to take in your daily routine. You can drink water for this. When there is a lack of water in the body, it causes craving to eat sweet. So drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. The body will remain hydrated and not much attention will be paid to the sweet.

4. Eat Mineral foods

People who are lacking in minerals in the body, they craving sugar on a regular basis, so to reduce the amount of sugar in the body, eat food containing minerals. Actually, to control the level of sugar in the blood and to keep the heart healthy, we need a good amount of minerals like chromium, zinc, magnesium etc. So to prevent sugar cravings, eat more and more green leafy vegetables, beets and nuts.

5. Hot Water Shower

Bathing with warm water reduces the level of sugar in the body, thereby eliminating craving of sugar in the mind. So if you are craving excess sugar in your mind then you can take a shower of hot water.

6. Habit of Walking

The best way to reduce sugar craving is to go for a walk. When you walk instead of eating sugar, your mind changes. Experts believe that walking helps to prevent craving of sugar. If you walk for 10 minutes every day, then the desire to eat sweet will decrease.

7. Proper Meal

When the stomach is full, the brain locks on craving to eat anything, so at that time there is no desire to eat anything. Try to always eat food in full so that there is no craving of sugar.

8. Cleaning the Teeth

By thoroughly cleaning the teeth, you can also protect yourself from the addiction of sweet food.

9. Chewing food slowly

Chew food slowly and make it a habit to eat. By chewing food, you can also reduce the addiction of sweet food.

10. Should have Proper way to Drink Water

If you want to avoid this habit, improve the way you drink water. Always remember that always keep a difference of half an hour between eating food and drinking water.

11. Lemon benefits

Consuming a few teaspoons of lemon juice a day reduces the blood sugar level by 8 to 12 percent. So eat lemon juice on salad or vegetables daily. This will not make your mind run towards sweet.

12. Eat Fresh Fruits daily

Fruits contain natural sugar, which is not harmful to health. Therefore, eating fresh fruits daily in the morning is beneficial. Along with this, you do not have the desire to eat sweet by eating fruits and you are protected from harmful unnatural sugar.

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