10 Natural Remedies to Suppress Appetite

10 Natural Remedies to Suppress Appetite
10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite.

Many people nowadays complain that they want to lose weight, but they have no control over their eating. The only thing most people say is that they have no control over what they eat. And hence they face multiple problems like weight gain, getting restless, feeling depressed, get hungry at night, can’t sleep properly, etc. and that’s why they cannot pay proper attention at work and in their life, they feel lethargic and spreads negativity all around. In this article 10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite we are going to see how to make control over unwanted appetite.

But don’t worry, we have such simple home remedies that if we follow them regularly, this problem can go away from your life forever without any side effects and its 100% natural.

Here we’ll see 10 natural home remedies to suppress appetite.

Take More Fiber in your daily meals

Foods high in fiber help to satisfy your appetite. Fiber-rich foods improve your insulin level and also help to get rid of from digestive and constipation problems. So if you increase the amount of fiber in your diet, it helps a lot in suppressing your appetite and keeps you very fresh throughout the day.

Fibers include fruits, leafy vegetables, cereals, soybeans, nuts, oatmeal, etc. If you use them in your daily diet, it will not only help you to lose weight but also improve your overall health. Also you feel fresh and enthusiastic in your daily routine.

Drink More Water Every day

Scientists have said that many people have a misconception that drinking too much water upsets the stomach. But this is completely wrong. Drinking more water improves your whole digestion system and also helps in reducing unnecessary or unwanted appetite.

Instead of taking plain water, you can also try lemonade, or add some your favorite flavors like orange slices, mint, basils etc. which is also a great drink for weight loss.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is very dangerous for overall heath.  Less sleep can convert you into stress, depression, confuse mind, unwanted hunger. And also can have a greater risk for diabetes. Make sure you should take at least 7-8 hours quality sleep daily.

Try to Eat Slowly

Take your time when you eat, because eating too fast can make it harder for you to eat more. You should give time at least 40 minutes to eat every day. Not only for your regular meals, even to eat one fruit you must eat slowly to digest properly. Eating fast is dangerous for overall health.

According to a research, eating fast and low quality food is increasing the rate of death faster than smoking. Try to eat in comfort, take time to eat, take meals with your friends and family, and enjoy a meal daily.

Do Exercise

Daily workout affect the brain’s appetite control center. Exercising daily keeps you fresh throughout the day. It helps your brain’s nerves to move more. Also helps to balance your hormone level. Doing daily Exercise keeps you away from unnecessary eating. This is the best appetite suppressant to reduce unwanted hunger.

Eat More Protein in the Meal

If you want to stop eating unnecessarily, you need to take protein. Protein helps a lot in increasing your energy level. It gives you strength, and helps to increase your intelligence level.

Take protein in your meals such as seafood, diary products- milk, curd, cheese. Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds etc. Legumes and beans like lentils, split peas, tofu and grains.  

Avoid Sugary Foods

Sweets are the most dangerous for weight gain and unhealthy eating. Dangerous foods are cakes, biscuits, ice cream, sweets, and surgery baked products. Everyone loves sugary foods, but you need to be in control. Sweets makes you more hungrier.

Many people mistakenly think that eating sweets kills appetite but this is a clear mistake. Eating sweet foods will sooner you lose your appetite, the sooner you feel hungry.

Eat Some Cloves

Chewing 1-2 cloves twice in day has been shown to reduce appetite. Try to eat before meal. Due to its strong taste you will eat automatically less amount of food as compare to your regular amount of meals. Cloves also plays an important role to reduce extra fats.

Green Tea

Green tea is the best appetite suppressant. Instead of taking regular tea or coffee in morning try to drink green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants. Not only it helps to decrease extra amount of fats but also it helps in controlling unnecessary hunger.

Drink Warm Liquids

Drink warm liquids like tea (especially green or herbal tea), black coffee, or warm water. Just having something warm in your stomach can reduce or quench feelings of hunger. When you wake up in morning, make a regular habit to drink warm water first. It will also help in removing bacteria in stomach. Also good for digestion and constipation problems.

Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda

Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda
Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda

Tonsils, i.e., bacterial infections in the affected area, inside the throat. This major problems often occur when the weather changes. This problem gets aggravated especially in cold weather. Some people take medicines to get rid of this problem, but by adopting some domestic methods, you can get rid of this problem. we will going to learn much more in our article “Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda” through Ayurveda.

The tonsils are part of the lymphatic system, which helps fight infection. Their size and swelling vary depending on the response to infection. The tonsils reach the largest size near their puberty and after this they slowly begin to decay.

 Let’s know some home remedies for tonsils .Check out its symptoms and remedies –

Symptoms of Tonsils –

Generally, there is a sore throat when tonsils are present, as well as burning sensation. Apart from this, sometimes is also caused due to infection in the surrounding tissue due to enlargement of the tonsils, which can also cause pain like excessive pain, fever, difficulty swallowing, and pain in opening the mouth. If not treated at the right time, it can become fatal. We will see below 10 effective home remedies in Ayurveda for tonsils.

Home Remedies for Tonsils


Grind lemon juice and fresh ginger in warm water and mix it properly. Now gargle with this water every half an hour. This will help in getting rest due to heating. Apart from this, drinking ginger tea will also help.

Black Pepper –

Make black pepper power and take some tulsi or basil leaves and boil this two ingredients in water for 5 min. Now drink it in milk before going to sleep.

Rock salt –

Rock salt proves to be very beneficial in throat problems. Add one teaspoon of Rock salt in warm water and gargle it twice in a day. By doing this method bacteria gets eliminated and you will get instant relief from throat pain and tonsils.

Turmeric Milk

Most of the people knows this remedy well. As this method is excellent to overcome from tonsils. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in one full glass of warm milk. Drink this milk before going to bed.


It is a traditional unrefined sugar which mostly consumed in Asia. Take a small piece of jaggery and chew it slowly. Do this process 3-4 times in a day.


By using honey mixed with lemon in warm or lukewarm water, throat pain is cured to a great extent as well as tonsils are also cured quickly.


Put some garlic buds in boiling water, boil well and sieve. When this water cools down, gargle. This will also cure throat pain, and the problem of stench will also be cured.

Water chestnut

If you are suffering from tonsils due to deficiency of iron in your body, use water chestnut. This problem will be overcome from tonsils also iron deficiency in the body will also get improved.


Clove is best remedy to cure all throat related problems. Take two pieces of cloves and chew it slowly after your meal. Do this twice in a day.

Lendi pippali ( Long pepper) –

Lendi pippali is best known remedy in Ayurveda. Take half teaspoon of Lendi pippali powder and mix it properly with one teaspoon of honey. Take this syrup before going to bed.

Gulvel (Generic Giloy) –

Take a pinch of gulvel powder and mix it with honey. Take this syrup after dinner. It will help you from tonsils and throat related problems.

The Most Effective Ayurvedic Remedy For TONSILS 🙂

Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda
Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda

Take Lendi pippali (Long pepper), Gulvel (Generic Giloy), dry ginger powder, jeshtamadh (Liquorice ). And mix all ingredients together in a mixture and make it fine powder. You can also buy this powder in a medical shop or market, as it is easily available.

Now take half spoon powder and mix it in a one teaspoon of honey. Take this syrup twice in day after meals. Do this method for 10-15 days. This Ayurvedic power is excellent and get instant relief from tonsils.

Avoid these things during tonsils

You should stop eating sour, sweet, pungent and cold things if you have tonsils problem. This can increase your problem further. Also, do not use more oil and spices in food. Avoid fruits and foods that are cold, such as pineapple, apricot, banana, orange, peach, melon, papaya and apple. Always clean and chew 2-3 basil leaves after meals.

Important Tips :-

  1. The patient should wash his hands thoroughly before eating food so that all germs can be cleaned.
  2. If your child has a tonsil problem, it should be kept indoors so that someone else can be prevented from getting an infection.
  3. Stop smoking as it is bad for throat related problems.
  4. One who suffers from tonsils should not talk much, because the throat becomes sore due to excessive throat movement.
  5. Dink lukewarm water instead of drinking cold water.
  6. The patient should be given fluids to consume as there is no lack of water in the body.

How to Deal with Mood Swings For NO Reason

How to Deal with Mood Swings For NO Reason

Our mood does not deteriorate without talking. You were in a good mood. You were enjoying, laughing and suddenly don’t know what happened that the mind became sad. Sudden mood swings happened and you became depressed. All this happens because your hormones are responsible for this. In this article, we are going to learn How to deal with mood swings for no reason.

Extreme or Rapid mood swings are also known as Bipolar disorder. Medications can help people to overcome from this disorder but this can have undesired harmful effects. Now a days, there are various successful natural remedies that can help you a lot. check how to get a handle on mood swing before they ruin your relationships.

Natural Remedies for Sudden Mood Swings    

1. Have a Good Sleep :

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason
How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

Mood swings or having bipolar disorder can disturb a person’s sleep. During the manic phase, a person can sleep very little, but during the short phase, they can sleep for a long time.   

No sleeping can trigger a mood change and getting proper and healthy sleep is also necessary to manage mood.Having a proper sleep hygiene can encourage people to get regular sleep.

Useful Tips:

  • Try Avoid using mobile, laptop, or TV before going to bed.
  • Make sure you are not taking heavy meal in dinner.
  • There should be gap of at least 3 hours in your dinner and bedtime.
  • Make sure your bedroom should be fresh and comfortable.
  • Avoid taking excess alcohol during night time.
  • Going to bed and getting up at regular time.

Note : People with bipolar disorder who have difficulty sleeping should speak to doctor.

2. Do Pranayama Daily

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

Regular Pranayama and workout can help to manage mood naturally. There are many health benefits of doing Pranayama regularly. It can also prevent major and common problems like, depression, obesity, and constipation.

According to scientists, by doing workouts, many types of proteins and other biochemical substances are present in our body. These substances enter the blood and reach our brain and affect the neurological process. Our feelings, emotions and mood swings are also affected by this. But it has not been clear how many of the substances released during Pranayama are most important for mental health and depression.

Useful Tips:

  • Bhramari Pranayama : It relieves negative emotions such as anger, annoyance, frustration and anxiety. it develop concentration and memory. This remedy is very useful to control bad mood swings. It is a simple process that can be done at home or office, anywhere. This pranayama is the best option for bad mood swings.
  • Paschimottanasana : Stretching the spine releases tension. Relieves anger and irritation from the mind and calms it.
  • Halasana : It Calms the nervous system by improving blood flow to the brain. Reduces tension and tiredness from back and neck cramping.

3. Moderation in all Things :

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason
How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

People with rapid mood swings and bipolar disorder are at greater risk of engaging in addictive behaviors. Australian Researchers have released that about 240 million people around the world are dependent on alcohol, more than a billion people smoke, and about 15 million people are addicted to drugs. Researchers says that the positive side of this is that it encourages people to work with energy towards their goals and ambitions.

On the other hand, it can mean that an individual is completely focused on the short-term rewards of a decision, while disregarding potential long-term risks.

    Useful Tips:

  • Becoming more aware of any tendency to engage in risk – for example, addictive – behavior.
  • If you are in a big problem, talk and discuss with your friends and family.
  • Without any hesitation take help of your loved ones to support any decision to avoid any destructive or addictive behavior.
  • For example: if painting is your hobby, do that whenever you feel stressed or depressed. It will help you to get overcome from addiction.

4. Try to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle :

A good and healthy diet is an important lifestyle for a person with bipolar disorder. People with bipolar disorder were at higher risk of several other conditions including diabetes, low bone density, and heart disease. A healthy diet can help reduce the risk of these conditions.Certain food that helps you to manage sudden mood swings.

Fermented foods :

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

Research suggests that intestinal bacteria play a role in the development of a variety of mental health issues (like mood swings, bipolar disorder, depression, stress or tension). When we do not fully understand this relationship, then we know how food can directly affect it in a healthy and varied way. In fact, a meta-analysis of nearly 100 studies found that regular intake of probiotic-containing foods significantly reduced the risk of rapid mood swings.

Leafy Greens :

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

Leafy greens rank as a top food when it comes to fighting mood swings, based on their high nutrient content. This is according to a recent study that examined twelve nutritional amounts, all specifically linked to mental health.

Walnut :

Walnuts are already a top nut for heart health, thanks to their potent combo of omega-3s, vitamin E and antioxidants, but they can also reduce your risk for bipolar disorder and mood swings.

Dark chocolate :

How to Deal with Mood Swings for NO Reason

Eating dark chocolate can positively affect mood swings and relieve symptoms of depression.

5. Meditation :


Even though it is not a cure for bipolar disorder, meditation can help you relax and reduce stress. It can help you overcome stressful or anxious thoughts, and can better control your mood. Meditation is easy and anyone can practice it at home or in the classroom.

Useful Tips :

  • Choose a suitable time.
  • Choose a quiet place
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Keep a relatively empty stomach
  • Start with some warm-up
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Keep a light smile on your face
  • Open your eyes slowly and silently

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

When the amount of blood in the body decreases, many diseases arise on the head. So here are some simple tips to increase blood flow in the body.Hemoglobin is more common in women. The body needs adequate amount of blood for good health. Otherwise many problems run the risk of escalating. We are going learn here, How to increase hemoglobin level at home using simple and effective remedies.

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home
How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Decreased blood flow weakens the bones. It also affects the eyes. Forgetfulness and depression is a problem that can affect brain function. If the lack of blood in the body is the reason behind this seemingly minor health problem, then adding certain foods in the diet can naturally increase the blood.

Amount of Hemoglobin in Body :

The amount of hemoglobin in MALES is 14 to 14 grams / 100 ml. So in FEMALES this quantity is 13 to 15 grams. The amount of hemoglobin in young CHILDREN is 14 to 20 grams / 100 ml.

Hemoglobin Deficiency Results in the Body :

When the amount of hemoglobin in the body is low then feeling tired, dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, sluggishness can occur. So now it comes to know how to overcome the deficiency of hemoglobin? So we tell you about such diets. By including them in your diet, you can overcome the problem of hemoglobin.

Effective Home Remedies to Increase Hemoglobin :

1. Pomegranate

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home
How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Pomegranate is extremely beneficial for increasing blood. Pomegranates are rich in iron. Eating directly is more beneficial than eating in the form of pomegranate juice. Benefits of eating pomegranate is excellent for pregnant women’s.

2. Beet-root –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home
How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Beet is extremely beneficial for filling the deficiency of blood in the body. Beta can be included in the diet from salads to even sweets. Breakfast may include beta juice, parathas.

3. Apples

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Apples are a great way to increase hemoglobin levels. Eating honey mixed with apples is beneficial for health. This helps the body to make up for the lack of blood.

4. Spinach –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Spinach is considered as a blood thinner in Ayurveda. If there is anemia in the body, drinking spinach juice regularly can be beneficial. This speeds up the healing process.

5. Dates –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Since dates are naturally sweet, they are used in many ways in the diet. If you want to make up for the lack of blood, you should mix dates in milk and drink it. Kharik powder is also beneficial. So you can mix salty powder in salad or milk. Palm balls, rolls and instant sweet treats are also beneficial.

6. Greens –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Incorporating spinach, fenugreek and asparagus in the diet helps in improving the hemoglobin level. These foods are rich in iron. Include capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes

7. Pulses –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Inclusion of barley, rice, semolina, millet, maize in the diet also helps in improving the level of hemoglobin. In addition, the iron component in green lentils, lentils, urad, chickpeas, and kidney beans, folic acid helps to increase red blood cells.

8. Nuts or Dry Fruits –

nuts or dry fruits

It is beneficial to include almonds, figs, raisins in the diet. It contains abundant iron components.

9. Vitamin C rich foods –

vitamin c

It is not enough to include iron in the diet. It is important to include vitamin C in the blood to absorb the iron in the diet. For this, it is necessary to include kiwi, papaya, orange, strawberry, lemon and guava in abundance.

10. Folic acid –

folic acid

If the hemoglobin level is low due to insufficient red blood cells, it is beneficial to make some changes in the diet. B-complex vitamins help to include folic acid in the diet.

11. Spices –

How To Increase Hemoglobin Level At Home

Adding some dry spices to the diet helps in the absorption of iron in the blood. For this, along with cilantro, chawli, basil and bay leaves also help.

12. Common Fig or Anjeer –

common fig or Anjeer

Figs contain many beneficial ingredients such as vitamin A, B1, B2, calcium, iron and phosphoric.Boiling figs with milk increases the amount of blood in the body.

Useful Tips To Improve Hemoglobin level in body

There are many home remedies to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body. Lack of C vitamins can cause blood loss in the body. So those things which contain C vitamins should be eaten. Amla is rich in C vitamins.

  • In the evening, drinking a pinch of turmeric mixed with lukewarm water increases the amount of blood in the body.
  • Drinking mixed with the same amount of berries and amla juice increases the level of hemoglobin.
  • You can eat Amla in any form like chutney or Muramba. It will help to improve blood circulation in body.

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Yoga and Home Remedies to Cure Thyroid

Although the prevalence of thyroid disorders is increasing today, there are many treatment options available to patients. Of course, it takes a long time to see the effects of each treatment, but in the meantime there is something to encourage yoga and meditation can cure thyroid disorders naturally. In this article,” Yoga and home remedies to cure Thyroid ”we are going to learn some effective and easy home remedies for thyroid problems.

Adding a few minutes of yoga practice to your daily routine helps reduce stress and makes your daily life smoother and happier.

Yoga and Home Remedies to Cure Thyroid
yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid

There are several types of Thyroid disorders but the two most common are:

1. Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid)

2. Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid)

It is very important to find out what kind of disorder you have. You can also check for any specific symptoms you may be experiencing, but be sure to check with your doctor first, as the doctor will advise you to have a proper medical examination before starting any further treatment.

You May Have Hypothyroidism If :

  • If you gradually become depressed about daily life, you may feel low and become discouraged about everything. (( Also Read : http://ayurvedikhome.com/10-proven-natural-ways-to-deal-with-depression/ ))
  • Even though you are doing your usual work, you feel more hospitable than usual.
  • Nowadays you have no idea why you have constipation.
  • Your friends start to notice that you have suddenly gained weight and you can’t give a reason because you yourself are wondering how you have gained weight without eating too much.
  • Nowadays, when you look in the mirror, you notice that your face looks swollen.
  • Your long thick hair suddenly starts to fall out and clusters of hair appear all over the house and you were worried to see this.
  • Irregular menstruation e.g (PCOD or PCOS problems ) (this and other reasons can be, it would be better to check with a doctor). this disorder is a major symptoms of thyroid.
  • Unnatural hair on your face is so overwhelming that you feel ashamed of it.(( Also Read : http://ayurvedikhome.com/natural-home-remedies-for-hair-fall-and-regrowth/ ))
  • You see that your throat is swollen. Now is definitely the time to go to the doctor.
yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid
yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid

Yogasanas for the Treatment of Hypothyroidism :

  • Sarvangasana : (standing on the shoulders) is highly recommended in this disorder. The pressure of this asana stimulates the thyroid gland to function properly and also stimulates the other glands in the head like the pituitary gland and the third eye gland which indirectly controls the function of the thyroid gland.
  • Leaning forward on one foot (Janu Shirshasana).
  • Matsyasana (Matsyasana).
  • Halasan (Halasan).
  • Stretch the body like a cat (Marjarasan).
  • Suryanamaskar : It helps to reduce and maintain your body weight.

In addition to these yogas, the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques) such as Kapal Bhati (Brightening Respiratory System), Nadi Shodhan (Breathing through the Nose), Bhasthrika and Ujjayi Breathing (breathing techniques) is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid
yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid

You May Have Hyperthyroidism If :

  • If you are overeating or eating less than usual. There will be a sudden dramatic change in appetite. And no matter how much you eat, you stay lean (that is, you try to gain weight).
  • You don’t get a good night’s sleep.
  • If you are sweating profusely.
  • You will easily be annoyed by the small things.
  • You are usually anxious, anxious and in a hurry about anything.

Yogasanas for the Treatment of Hyperthyroidism :

  • Pool-like seat (Setubandhasana).
  • Stretch the body like a cat (Marjarasan).
  • Like a dead body (Shavasana).
  • Doing (Surya Namaskar )have a steady and calming effect.
  • pranayamas like Ujjayi, Bhramari (breathing like Bhramara), pulse cleansing and cooling are considered to be effective in controlling the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
  • Yoga sleep (like a dead body) helps reduce and calm stress in both hypo and hyperthyroidism. For patients with hyperthyroidism who do not sleep at night, yoga nap works like a nap during the day and provides adequate rest to the body.

Also in hypo and hyperthyroidism it is a good idea to meditate for a few minutes every day. Patients with hypothyroidism who, if discouraged by their disorder, need to be consciously physically active. And here meditation will benefit in strengthening your willpower.

Benefits of Meditation to Solve Thyroid Problems

yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid
yoga and home remedies to cure thyroid

You can meditate on Panchkosha and Hari Om.

The main cause of thyroid disorder is believed to be stress and meditation keeps the mind calm and relaxed and reduces daily stress. Pronouncing ‘Om’ for a few minutes every day also helps. Do a little action after the pronunciation: Put your hand on the thyroid gland and know that it is starting to heal. The positive energy of chanting stimulates the thyroid gland.


Before you start practice yoga for thyroid disorders, be sure to consult your doctor. Also these yoga techniques help to control the symptoms of the disorder, but these techniques are not an alternative to medicine. (Nevertheless, regular yoga practice for some time reduces the need for medication in some cases.) Although all yogas are consider good for patients with both hypo and hyperthyroid disorders, we have suggest above the following specific yogasanas as they will be useful if done.

Useful Tips for Thyroid Cure at Home

Coconut oil :

Yoga and Home Remedies to Cure Thyroid

This useful remedy can also be used in this disease. Take 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil with lukewarm milk on an empty stomach in the morning and evening is also beneficial in this disease.

Coriander water :

One can drink Coriander water in this disease. To make this mixture, soak one to two spoon of coriander in a copper vessel in the evening with water and mash it well in the morning and filter it and drink it slowly.

The actions of Panchakarma in this disease in which we can stream on Shiro Abhyangam, Paad Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Vasti, Virechan, Utterana and the throat area or thyroid gland. We can do it at home. To get reduce cow’s ghee by pouring two drops of melted butter in the nose, from this we get benefit in this disease. these home remedies for thyroid problems will help you to get out from this disease.

Dietary instructions for Thyroid Disorders

  • Include more fibrous foods in the diet.
  • Eat less fats and carbohydrates.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and greens. In hypothyroidism it is better to avoid cauliflower, cauliflower and other types of cabbage
  • Non-vegetarian foods, milk and dairy products (skim milk will be preferable), rice, spicy foods, fast food and preservatives should be taken in limited quantities.

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How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

No matter how healthy a person is, but when cake or ice cream comes in front, it becomes extremely difficult to refuse or stop yourself. Knowing that the consumption of sweets can have many negative effects on health such as headaches, lethargy or hormonal imbalance. Despite all this, it becomes almost difficult to remove sugar from your diet.So, in this article, How to reduce Sugar cravings naturally, we are going to see in detail ,how to control sugar cravings.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally
How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

The scientific reason behind this is that sugar activates opioid receptors in our brain which starts the brain’s reward system. If we say in simple language, eating things that made from sugar, our mood is good and we are happy and our brain gets used to it so that whenever we are sad or our mood is not good then We start craving some sweet food.

We Indians are fond of eating sweets. Just understand that if we do not eat something sweet after eating, our stomach does not get satiety. Be it a festival or a wedding. Sweets are definitely part of our food and drinks. But most people do not care about the harm caused by eating sweets. Actually, we feel the need to eat sweet. Do you know why it feels summoned?

Check it below… ->

Reasons of Sugar Cravings 🙁

There are many reasons of how to reduce sugar cravings in our body. It is very important for you to know them.

1. Tension or Stress :

Craving of sugar is more for those who like sweet but experts believe that if there is stress in life or you are in depression, then there are frequent cravings of sugar. Stress hormones are secreted in the taste cells of the mouth and in conditions of stress they not only affect the taste but also cause a desire to eat sweet. ( Also Read, 10 Proven Natural Ways To Deal With Depression )

2. High carbohydrate :

Carbohydrates are high in Indian cuisine. Due to this, our body starts feeling lack of sugar and craving to eat something sweet.

3. Symptoms of Diabetes :

Eating more sweet causes more thirst. Due to increased sugar in the blood, the body needs more water to bring the blood to flow, due to which the thirst starts to increase. It is a symptom of pre-diabetes. Meaning that if the craving of sugar is increasing then you may have diabetes. ( Also Read, Diabetes : Best Natural Remedies That Can Help You Control Diabetes )

4. Changing lifestyle :

In the changing lifestyle, people like to eat foods like pizza, burgers, chips, bakery food, cold drinks, etc. instead of healthy foods and then gradually become a part of such food items lifestyle and when they are away from them Cravings of sugar begin to occur. Actually all these food items make the body addicted to sugar.

5. Due to Fatigue :

You follow the diet properly throughout the day. Eat everything healthy. But in the evening, you are so tired of gym or dieting that if you do not want to make anything else, then you eat a chocolate or donut.

6. High Intake of Salt :

Many people have weird habit to eat excess amount of salt in their meals. Excess salt is very bad for health. Not only it increases sugar cravings, but also it is dangerous for high blood pressure.

How to Reduce Sugar Cravings Naturally

Home Remedies For Sugar Cravings 🙂

Some people’s desire to eat sweet is so intense that if they do not eat sweet once a day, then they miss it all day. So if you have craving sugar too, then we are telling you how to reduce it.

1. Eat Natural Sugar

Some people may try no matter how much they try, but they cannot kill their mind. Therefore, such people can consume natural sugar. Consumption of sugar is less harmful naturally. Fruits, vegetables etc. have natural sugar as well as other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It helps in limiting the level of sugar in the blood and controls the level of dopamine. So whenever you want, you can reduce your craving by eating something with natural sugar.

2. Try to Eat less Sugary foods

Do not worry if the craving of sugar is not decreasing even after trying hard. We know that eating something sweet after lunch or dinner is a habit of many people. So whenever you feel like eating sweet, start eating half or half of what you had before. This will also calm your craving and the damage will not be too much.

3. Decide the amount of Sugar

To keep yourself healthy, decide how much sugar you need to take in your daily routine. You can drink water for this. When there is a lack of water in the body, it causes craving to eat sweet. So drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. The body will remain hydrated and not much attention will be paid to the sweet.

4. Eat Mineral foods

People who are lacking in minerals in the body, they craving sugar on a regular basis, so to reduce the amount of sugar in the body, eat food containing minerals. Actually, to control the level of sugar in the blood and to keep the heart healthy, we need a good amount of minerals like chromium, zinc, magnesium etc. So to prevent sugar cravings, eat more and more green leafy vegetables, beets and nuts.

5. Hot Water Shower

Bathing with warm water reduces the level of sugar in the body, thereby eliminating craving of sugar in the mind. So if you are craving excess sugar in your mind then you can take a shower of hot water.

6. Habit of Walking

The best way to reduce sugar craving is to go for a walk. When you walk instead of eating sugar, your mind changes. Experts believe that walking helps to prevent craving of sugar. If you walk for 10 minutes every day, then the desire to eat sweet will decrease.

7. Proper Meal

When the stomach is full, the brain locks on craving to eat anything, so at that time there is no desire to eat anything. Try to always eat food in full so that there is no craving of sugar.

8. Cleaning the Teeth

By thoroughly cleaning the teeth, you can also protect yourself from the addiction of sweet food.

9. Chewing food slowly

Chew food slowly and make it a habit to eat. By chewing food, you can also reduce the addiction of sweet food.

10. Should have Proper way to Drink Water

If you want to avoid this habit, improve the way you drink water. Always remember that always keep a difference of half an hour between eating food and drinking water.

11. Lemon benefits

Consuming a few teaspoons of lemon juice a day reduces the blood sugar level by 8 to 12 percent. So eat lemon juice on salad or vegetables daily. This will not make your mind run towards sweet.

12. Eat Fresh Fruits daily

Fruits contain natural sugar, which is not harmful to health. Therefore, eating fresh fruits daily in the morning is beneficial. Along with this, you do not have the desire to eat sweet by eating fruits and you are protected from harmful unnatural sugar.

How to Stop a Runny Nose Instantly

People know that the common cold can cause some of the same symptoms as covid (Coronavirus), but one condition that is not given much attention is allergy. Nowadays everyone has to face smoke, dust, multiple types of pollution… Illnesses like runny nose, cough, whooping cough are getting frequent in everyday life. But Runny nose, the most common of these diseases, have plagued every human being at one time or another. So, once or twice a year, people get sick with this very popular disease. But in many treatments for this cold and runny nose , many remedies have been prescribed, various syrups, or other allopathic medicines, are taken as a remedy. in this article, How to stop a Runny Nose instantly we are going to explain you some simple kitchen made methods of how to get rid of a runny nose.

How to stop a Runny Nose Instantly
How to stop a Runny or stuffy Nose Instantly

Symptoms Of Runny Nose

Runny nose symptoms such as body aches, mild fever, etc. have caused the flu to cause confusion. When such symptoms appear, it should be checked. There is no cure for the common cold. A cold does not mean that it has been cured by a drug. Yet people take drugs. Those drugs treat some of the symptoms of the common cold. E.g. The headache stops, the fever goes down. But it should be noted that this treatment is not for the common cold.

Runny nose usually go away on their own in 72 hours or in some cases another 24 hours. But over time, that is likely to change. So even though the cold does not actually bother him, the recurring cold can have a detrimental effect on various institutions later on. So she should be prevented from waiting for a cold. The most important way to prevent this is to rest.

Home Remedies for How to Stop Runny Nose Instantly

1. Hot Water with Lemon

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies
How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

It should be taken continuously, that is, literally when you get bored. Lemon provides vitamin C, boosts immunity, cures cough , colds and runny nose.

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2. Vitamin C tablets

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies
How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Chewable tablets called Celine or Limsi or Citravite are available in any drug store. 4 meals a day. One of the best. There is no harm in this. Even if taken too much. It also gives vitamin C boost, boosts immunity, cures colds. Arbitrary This remedy is prescribed by a doctor only.

3. Eat fish

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

This is also the solution nowadays found. Do this at your own risk. But this trick applies greatly. If you feel cold, cough, nausea, go to the hotel (if you are not banned at home) and eat a paplet, surmai fry. Reduce the oil. The B vitamins, proteins, etc. in fish give strength, and they run away as soon as the symptoms of a runny nose and fever increase.

4. Sugar Eucalyptus

Add a teaspoon of sugar. Add two drops of eucalyptus oil. And eat at bedtime. Do not drink water on top. Relax in the morning. Although not complete, you get a lot. do this method for two days, you would be completely healed.

5. Mahasudarshan Kadha

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

This Kadha is available at any drug store. Take in the morning, afternoon and evening after meals.. this is the best remedy to get rid of a runny nose overnight.

6. Milk and Turmeric

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Drink a teaspoon of turmeric in hot water or hot milk. Relieves runny nose as well as coughs. This remedy is useful not only for children but also for adults. Turmeric is anti-viral and anti-bacterial, which helps in fighting runny nose or cold.

7. Ginger Tea

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Ginger has many benefits. But ginger tea gives a lot of relief in stuffy nose. In case of cold, cough or fever, finely chop fresh ginger and mix it with a cup of hot water or milk. After boiling it for some time, drink it.

8. Lemon and Honey

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Use of lemon and honey is useful for cold and cough. Drink one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with two teaspoons of honey in a glass of warm water or hot milk, it is very beneficial.

9. Garlic

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

It helps in fighting runny nose. Garlic contains a chemical called allicin which is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Roast five cloves of garlic. Doing this once or twice brings relief. It cures sneezing and runny nose or flue quickly.

10.  Basil leaves and Ginger

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Basil and ginger are considered as panacea for cold and cough. Its consumption gives immediate relief. In a cup of hot water, add five to seven basil leaves and a piece of ginger. Let it boil for some time. When the water is half full, take it out and drink it. This solution will be beneficial for both children and adults.

11. Fenugreek

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Take some fenugreek seeds and mix it in your glass of water, heat this water and consume it at least two to three times a day. The combination of hot water and moist fenugreek helps to thin your mucus and clear your nasal passages and open the sinus cavity.

12. Eat Spicy (Masalas) food

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

If you love spicy items, now is the time to binge in all your favorite spicy foods. This remedy is for all the spice-dogs out there. Consider red pepper, black pepper, onions, garlic and include them all in your diet, this will help to thin the mucus.

13. Ginger juice and Honey

How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies
How to stop a Runny Nose instantly using Home Remedies

Combine honey in ginger juice and take one tablespoon of the prepared mixture twice a day. There will be relief. Ginger strengthens the body to fight infections. Honey is also very beneficial in relieving throat problems. Therefore, a mixture of these two substances helps in relieving cough.

14. Steam


Cough accumulates in the airways during both coughs and colds. Which makes it difficult to breathe. The best way to get rid of runny nose is to inhale. This method helps to relieve cough, sore throat and runny nose. You can use a steamer to steam.

15. Black pepper

Black pepper

Pepper has played an important role in history, and has been considered an important spice since ancient times. Make black pepper powder and add one and half spoon of powder into 2 tablespoon of honey. take this paste before going to bed.

16. Clove


It has a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria. “Clove oil has been tested as a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria per primary detection. Make clove powder. Mix 2 spoon powder in one tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture twice a day. This will help to get quick relief from runny nose.

17. Stay warm and take rest

 Stay warm and take rest

Rest is especially important when you first get down with a cold or flu. It helps to energize your body to fight against your infection. This battle puts a tax on your body. So help a little by lying under the blanket to stay warm if necessary.

19. Try using an extra pillow under your head

Try using an extra pillow under your head

Do this at night while you sleep to get rid of congested nasal passages. If the angle is too awkward, place a pillow between the mattress and box springs to create a more gradual slope.

Don’t let that nasty cold get better in you. Charge with a simple easy-to-clean nose-cleansing and throat-clearing treat. 🙂

Simple Tips of how to get rid of a Runny nose

It is important to practice good hygiene and often help prevent the spread of germs. Here are some simple tips of How to stop a runny nose instantly:

  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Remove used tissues after blowing or wiping the nose.
  • Stay away from such persons who suffering from cold or infection.
  • Eat for healthy and regular exercise to boost the immune system.
  • Coughing and sneezing inside the elbow, not in the hands.
  • Clean and disinfect common surfaces such as tables and counter tops, toys, door handles and bathroom fixtures.

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10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

If the stomach is not cleaned regularly, the problem of mouth ulcers or mouth blisters increases. Eating or drinking also causes problems after mouth ulcers. If this problem happens regularly then it becomes annoying. But don’t worry now. These simple 10 Effective home remedies for mouth ulcers will help to get rid of the problem.

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers
10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

If there are blisters in the mouth, neither there is taste nor comfort in eating and drinking. If it is not treated at the right time and properly, then the situation can become even more painful. It occurs mostly in summer. Mouth ulcers are also called as canker sores. In the case of blistering, the taste of the mouth disappears and a strange tingling is felt all the time. Not only children but adults can also have mouth blisters. One can take care of mouth ulcer treatment at home without taking any medications.

Causes of Mouth Ulcers

1- Sore mouth often occurs due to deficiency of essential nutrients in the body, sometimes it can be due to some injury during dental treatment.

2- Mouth ulcers are also caused by eating a person’s leftover food.

3- If the inner surface of the cheek is accidentally cut and wound, then it can also cause mouth ulcer.

4- Not keeping cleanliness of the mouth also causes mouth ulcer i.e. mouth blisters.

Mouth ulcers or say mouth blisters are actually get annoying to us . But Don’t get worry, now we will learn and find out what are the Home remedies to get rid of Mouth Ulcers.


1. Honey

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers
10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Honey has natural moisturizing properties which helps in relieving dehydration. It helps to heal ulcers and helps in the formation and growth of new tissues. The anti-microbial properties of honey help to cure mouth ulcers quickly.

How to use: Take honey on a cotton ball and apply it on the sore. Or taking turmeric in honey and applying its paste on the ulcer helps to get rid of it.

2. Basil

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Basil leaves have many medicinal properties. It help to reduce stress.

How to use: Chew some basil leaves with water 3-4 times daily. This helps in getting relief from ulcers or canker sores. It also prevents its recurrence.

3. Coconut

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Dry coconut, coconut oil and coconut water are all three ingredients that help in relieving mouth ulcers. Also Read :- Natural Home Remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

How to use : Drinking coconut water helps in cooling the body. Applying a few drops of coconut oil directly on the ulcer and chewing some coconut pieces helps in reducing inflammation and pain and also help to cure mouth ulcers quickly.

4. Poppy Seeds

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Poppy helps in cooling the body. According to Ayurveda, excessive body heat is a major cause of mouth ulcers. Therefore, poppy seeds are very useful in relieving this.

How to use: Crush poppy seeds and add sugar to it. This will help in relieving ulcers.

5. Licorice –


The medicinal properties of elderberry help to reduce the inflammation caused by ulcers. Licorice is available in the form of honey sticks or powder.

How to use : Spread the honey stick on the pot and apply its paste on the ulcer. If you have Licorice / honey powder, mix it with honey. Also, take honey powder and turmeric powder in hot milk and take it thrice a day.

6. Baking Soda-

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Baking soda can also be used to cure mouth ulcers. It not only reduces pain but also helps to cure ulcers by reducing the level of ulcer acids.

How to use : Make a paste by adding a few drops of water to the baking soda and apply it to the blisters. Leave this for some time and then rinse.

7. Desi Ghee (Homemade ghee) –

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Desi Ghee is an effective and easy home remedy to get rid of from mouth ulcer.

How to use : Apply desi ghee on the blister before going to bed at night. By morning, the blisters will be relaxed.

8. Garlic

10 Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Garlic has been considered useful in treating mouth ulcers.

How to use : Take two to three buds of garlic and make a paste. Apply this paste on the blister. Rinse with cold water after a while. The blister will heal quickly.

9. Camphor


Apart from this, camphor will be useful for face problems during mouth ulcers.

How to use : Heat 50 gms ghee. Add 6 grams camphor and remove from the gas. Applying ghee on mouth ulcers will help it to heal faster.

 10. Turmeric


Turmeric acts as a natural antiseptic and cooling agent. It helps in relieving pain and reduces the redness of blisters.

How to use : Add 10 gms of turmeric in one liter of water and boil it. After cooling, rinse with that water twice a day. Doing this remedy for two days will bring relief to mouth ulcers.

These above 10 methods are easy and very effective natural remedies to cure mouth ulcers. you can easily try all above remedies at home. Also read :- How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally 🙂

Special Tips to Reduce Mouth Ulcer Treatment at Home

  1. If mouth ulcers are causing a lot of pain, take a small piece of ice, turn it over where you are feeling pain  and that gargle it with cold water.
  2. Clove chewing also helps reduce pain. After chewing cloves, let its juice go to the ulcerated area.
  3. Fill the ulcer with salt water to prevent infection.

NOTE : Keep in mind that this will not reduce the ulcer immediately, but will help reduce the pain.

What to Eat in Mouth Ulcers?

It is very difficult for a person suffering from mouth ulcer to eat anything because of this they have difficulty in chewing food. In such a situation, the same question comes in his mind that what he should eat in the mouth blister.

If you also have mouth ulcers, then you do not have to worry about eating as you can eat these following meals during this time-

Drinking Milkshake Drinking Milkshake in mouth ulcers can prove to be a better option as it causes frostbite in the body and gives relief to the person suffering from mouth ulcers.

Banana fruit As explained above, mouth blisters are caused by a bad stomach. In this case, one should eat bananas because banana is good for stomach and it proves helpful in curing mouth ulcers quickly.

Eating curd or cheese– If a person is troubled by mouth ulcers, then he can eat things like curd or cheese. These things will give him a lot of rest and along with this he will also get calcium in his body.

Eating watermelon– Eating fruit in mouth ulcers can also prove to be a better option. During this time eating watermelon proves to be the most beneficial solution as it fulfills the lack of water in the human body.

Eating macaroniIf a person wants to eat some snacks in the mouth ulcers, then he should not think about what he can eat, because he can eat macaroni when he has mouth ulcers.

Take special care of Mouth Ulcers –

Mouth ulcers usually heal within a week. There is also the possibility of early relief with some home remedies. However, there is an ulcer in the mouth but it is not painful so do not ignore it at all. Consult a doctor in time, as painless mouth ulcer is a symptom of oral cancer.

Home Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure sickness may seem normal, but if it is controlled in time, it can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases. The number of patients with high blood pressure is increasing day by day. Due to fast food and irregular routine in a stressful life, the disease is also seen in large numbers in India. Blood pressure is more likely to cause heart disease and stroke. To control high blood pressure Patients need to take medication every day. In this article we are going to share enough knowledge of  Home Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure

Home Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure
Home Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure

What are the Risks of High Blood Pressure? (High blood pressure complaints)

It is believed that any disease should not be ignored as it can take serious forms if it is not treated for some time. This also applies to high blood pressure , since many people do not pay attention and try avoid to control high blood pressure that is why they face the following risks of high blood pressure-

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Blockage in cerebral blood vessels

This is a major risk of high blood pressure, in which blockage occurs in the blood vessels of a person’s brain.

Coronary Artery Disease

If high blood pressure is prolonged, it can cause coronary artery disease. Although treatment of this disease is possible, but awareness and alertness are very important for this.

Heart Failure

High blood pressure is incurable due to which it starts affecting other parts of the body. Often, it has been observes that sometimes high blood pressure can also cause heart failure and in that case a person may also die.

Kidney Failure

As explained above, high blood pressure also affects other parts of the human body, that is why high blood pressure also affects kidney function. Although, kidney treatment is possible, but if this problem is not cured for a long time, it can also cause kidney failure.

Heart Attack

There are many such cases that most of the people failed to control high blood pressure and hence they have a severe heart attack suffer from high blood pressure.

Therefore, a person suffering from high blood pressure should take special care of his health and should use some natural remedies for high blood pressure on regular basis. And in extreme case, one must report it to his doctor in case of any major health issues.

So, today we are going to inform you about some natural remedies for high blood pressure. If you also suffer from high blood pressure, you must try these home remedies. These measures will keep your blood pressure under control. Also Read – 10 Proven Natural Ways To Deal With Depression

Home Remedies to Reduce High Blood Pressure:

1. Low Intake of Salt in Regular Meals

Excessive salt intake increases the risk of High Blood Pressure. Therefore, low salt intake in the diet helps in controlling blood flow.

2. Garlic –

Garlic is a nectar-like medicine for patients with high blood pressure. It contains a substance called allicin, which increases the levels of nitric oxide and relaxes your muscles. Relieves the diagnostic and systolic functioning of blood pressure. This means that patients with high blood pressure must eat a piece of garlic every day.

3. Drumstick ( Shevga Sheng/Moringa)

It is rich in protein and vitamins as well as mineral salts. According to a research, drinking the extract of the leaves of this plant has a positive effect on the dialistic and systolic functioning of blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure should consume drumstick along with pulses.

4. Jawas –

To control high blood pressure Jawas are rich in alpha linolenic acid. It is a type of important omega-3 fatty acid. Various researches have shown that people who suffer from hypertension should use flax seed in their diet. It lowers cholesterol and helps control blood pressure.

5. True Cardamom ( Vilaychi)

According to a research, regular consumption of cardamom keeps blood pressure in check. Its intake provides antioxidants to the body and keeps the blood flow smooth.

6. Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla is famous for “fruit of heaven”. Blood pressure is control by consuming amla daily. It contains richest source of Vitamin C. This keeps the blood flow smooth and also keeps the cholesterol under control.

7. Radish –

This is a simple vegetable. Eating radish keeps to control high blood pressure Eating raw vegetables or eating them raw gives the body minerals and the right amount of potassium.

8. Cinnamon –

Cinnamon intake keeps blood pressure under control. Not only that, but cinnamon keeps your blood flow regular.

9. Onion –

Regular consumption of onions helps in controlling cholesterol. It contains a substance called quercetin, which protects you from heart disease.

10. Ginger

Ginger contains antioxidants that help remove bad cholesterol. Similarly, it helps in maintaining good blood flow.

11. Fenugreek

Take fenugreek powder with lukewarm water. Every morning and evening, this powder helps a lot in lowering high blood pressure.

How the Diet should be –

It is just as important to follow their diet in any illness as it is to take their medication. Also, if high blood pressure is not controlled in time, side effects can occur. People with high blood pressure should not neglect their diet. The disease can be controlled by following certain dietary rules.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. In addition, garlic, onion, whole grains and soybeans should be consumed.
  • Eat citrus, grapes, pomegranate, papaya, apple, orange, jam, pineapple.
  • Break the habit of adding salt in the meal. If possible, reduce salt intake.
  • Reduce consumption of tea and coffee as the caffeine in them is harmful.
  • Use soybean oil for cooking.
  • Green gram and pulses should be included in the diet.
  • In addition to leafy vegetables, pumpkin, milk gourd, ridge pumpkin, should be eaten.
  • Lemon and mint should be consume regularly.
  • One Should drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day.
  • You can take buttermilk and skim milk.
  • Consumption of almonds, raisins, ajwain and ginger will be beneficial.
  • Egg mayonnaise is good for blood pressure.

Egg white is effective in treating high blood pressure. It does not have any negative effects. It supports by an American scientists. According to a report, the white part of the egg is popular. This is because people who suffer from cholesterol avoid eating egg yolks.

Now the white part of the egg is effective in lowering high blood pressure. So now when eating eggs, focus on eating as much white as possible. Eggs increase your calories. Eggs also provide good energy to the body. Therefore, it is said to eat eggs every Sunday or Monday. But those with high blood pressure should eat only white portions, according to US research. According to researchers, egg whites have good protein quality.

Tips to Reduce High Blood Pressure

1. Avoid Smoking and Tobacco

The side effects of hypertension on the heart are exacerbated by smoking. They happen faster and more frequently. Patients who smoke also need higher doses of the drug. Therefore, smoking and tobacco consumption should be avoided.

2. Weight loss –

Weight loss  will be follow by fatigue and constant tiredness. Excess weight means the heart has to work extra. The heart has to work harder to get blood to every fat cell. This extra burden can be detrimental to the heart.

3. Exercise Required

Exercise-yoga must be have along with diet to reduce weight and blood pressure. Experiments have shown that exercise and yoga can reduce high blood pressure. Exercise like walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, running are extremely beneficial for a person with high blood pressure. However, patients with hypertension should not do exercises like weight lifting, penance, sun salutation etc.

Which Food to Avoid :

  • Avoid excess of milk and cream. Avoid tea, coffee and other stimulants.
  • Avoid cakes, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, jams, butter, cheese, nuts, and alcohol.
  • Meat should be kept to a minimum.
  • Don’t eat too many spicy foods.
  • Appropriate amount of calcium and potassium salts should be included in the diet.

We hope,in this article “Home Remedies to Control High Blood Pressure”, we have tried to share you plenty things of how one should have control over blood pressure. Also, these natural home remedies are safe, effective with zero side effects.

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How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally

You are very much looking forward to going to a special event or date tomorrow … but, if the pimples on your face are bothering you after looking in the mirror, then you should definitely try this article, “how to remove pimple marks at home naturally”.

Often, after the pimples have healed, their scars go away within a few days. But there are some pimples that leave their identity like a permanent mark on the face. In such cases, one has to go through not only physical pain but also mental pain. Pimples can also be caused by poor digestion and excessive stress.

How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally
How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally

We will see here, how to get rid of pimples naturally, but before that to solve any problem, it is important to understand exactly what the problem is.

What are Pimples (acne)?

Pimples mainly affects on the face, back side, chest and shoulders. Acne mainly affects the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are inside the skin and work to produce sebum. When the outer covering of the skin comes in contact with the oily sebum, acne or pimples form on the face.

It can occur at any age and is usually a reddish swelling called pimple or pimple. In fact, it is more commonly seen in teenagers. When your skin is thicker, the amount of pimples is more. Most of the girls or women get such pimples during their menstrual period. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, as well as by excessive sebaceous glands.

Why do I get Pimples ? What are the Reasons?

1. Puberty

As we discussed above, the incidence of pimples during adolescence is higher because the body goes through hormonal changes. It is most common in girls between the ages of 10 and 14 and boys between the ages of 12 and 16. At this age, the sebaceous glands become more active and cause pimples. According to WebMD, 80% of young people suffer from acne.

2. Pollution

Pollution is also one of the biggest causes of damage to your skin. Of course, even if pollution is not one of the major causes of acne, the dust and dirt coming from the air on your face closes the pores on the skin and thus damages the skin. Not only that, but the layer of natural oils that take care of your skin is also on your skin, this air pollution is unbalanced and causes acne or pimples.

3. Bad or unhealthy eating habits

Your daily eating habits are also important. Do you ever observe that changes in your skin when you eat chips/chiwda or oily snacks every day? You never know In fact, stick to your regular diet without eating junk food for a month and then you will notice the difference in your skin. Some of these are not always mentioned in a magazine or in fashion, but also for scientific reasons. Some substances have the ability to make oil by producing insulin in your glands, which results in the appearance of pimples on the face

4. Tension/ Depression or Stress

Do you realize that pimples appear on your face on the day before a big event or even on the day before an exam? This is not just about you. A 2013 Stanford University study found that sebum causes your follicles to close and stress causes pimples on your face. It also shows that you are under some kind of stress or tension.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

During adolescence, your body goes through hormonal changes. This situation often occurs even after your twenties. Hormonal acne appears on your body as androgen levels rise. This is also the reason for the high production of sebum, which also causes pimples. For women, hormonal changes usually occur during their menstrual cycle. (( Also Read : HOME REMEDIES FOR GLOWING SKIN 2020))

Effective Natural Home Remedies for Pimples

The skin on your face is more sensitive than any other skin on your body. Therefore, caution is needed. If you have just started getting pimples on your body, try to find a natural remedy first. Since your skin is very sensitive, natural ingredients are more suitable for your skin. In this Article, “How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally” find the best effective ways to remove pimples.

1.    Jojoba Oil

To solve this problem, jojoba oil is good. It is known to reduce the oiliness of your skin and also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients needed to keep your skin fit.

2.    Aloe vera Gel

Another home remedy is aloe vera gel. It contains anti-inflammatory fatty acids (cholesterol, compostrol and B-cytosterol) that fight germs, viruses and fungi. You can also make it at home to apply on your face.

3.    Lemons

Cut lemon and squeeze lemon juice in a small bowl. Make a mixture by mixing some salt and honey in it and apply it on the affected area.

4.    Rosemary oil

These oils have anti-bacterial properties and apply to the affected area to kill the bacteria. Bacterial pimples begin to clear up. The effect is visible in just 8 hours. Take three drops of rosemary oil in a cotton ball and apply it on the affected skin before going to bed.

Note : Do not apply this oil during the day as it will cause dust on the face, which can lead to more problems.

5.    Multani Mitti

Take 2 tablespoon of Multani Mitti and add few drops of Gulab jal + 5 drops of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients nicely and add little water drops to form smooth paste. apply this paste on affected area. wash your face after 30 min. It help to remove excess oil and dust on your face.

6.    Honey

Honey helps to remove bacteria on your face. apply honey on your face and after 20 mins wash it properly. It helps to get smooth skin.

7.    Turmeric

It helps to remove bacteria and dust on face. Take one and half tablespoon of turmeric and mi xed it with wheat powder ( Home made aata ). Now add 1 spoon of curd and mix it nicely. Apply this paste on your face and wait until it gets dry and after 30 mins wash it with the help of soap or face ash. try this remedy before sleeping.

8.    Cumin

Make a paste by grinding one or two teaspoons cumin seeds with water and apply this paste on the face 1 time a day, then after one hour wash the face with clean water. This recipe is Very helpful in curing pimples.

9.    Garlic

Grind 3-4 buds of highly effective garlic with 2-3 cloves and apply them on the pimples and after a while wash them with lukewarm water. This measure provides considerable relief from the pimples.

10.  Ice

Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth. Now slowly rub on the pimples and remove immediately. Doing this for two to three minutes every day provides great relief and inflammation also works.

11.  Mint ( Pudina )

Menthol, found in Pudina, helps to reduce pimples, and also cleanses the face. By applying the mint juice on the pimples it works magically and helps to remove acne quickly.

12. Cucumber

Applying cucumber juice on the face daily help to get glowing skin on the face. To get rid of the pimples, apply the cucumber paste on the pimples and leave them to dry, then wash them with clean water, this is also a unique cure for the pimples and every problem related to them.

13.  Baking soda

Baking soda keeps the pH level of the skin balanced, which reduces irritation and relaxes the skin. Apart from this, it dries the pimple and helps in getting instant relief from the pimples. Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda and sufficient amount of water and apply it to the pimples with the help of your finger. Leave it on for five minutes and then wash it with clean water and apply herbal moisturizer on the face.

14.  Tea Tree Oil:

Apply a mixture of two to three drops of tea tree oil and one teaspoon of olive oil to the pimples every few hours in a bowl. Tea tree oil and olive oil is a very good antimicrobial and antioxidant agent that gives rich nutrition to the skin.

15.  Fenugreek seeds

These are a treasure house of many qualities. It is said that the cure for the innumerable problems of the body is hidden in fenugreek seeds. It is also helpful in keeping the skin clean and soft. For the treatment of pimples, make a paste by boiling fenugreek seeds and applying this paste on the pimples regularly, within a few days all the spots and marks will disappear from the face.

16.  White Toothpaste

Leave white toothpaste on your face and leave, then wash the face with clean water. By performing this activity regularly every day, one gets to see miraculous benefits.

17.  Coconut oil

You all know that coconut oil is the best home remedy for bad hair. But oil is also a good way to keep your face looking good. It contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients which helps to keep toxins in the body long. All you need to do is apply a small amount of oil daily to the affected area. So it helps to get rid of stains. (( Also Read : Natural Home Remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth ))

Some Useful Tips of How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally

1. Wash your face twice a day.

2. Use sunscreen daily

3. Avoid using face scrub

4. Always remove your makeup at the end of the day

5. Be careful when using the makeup product you are using

6. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

7. Avoid eating junk food

By the way, people often use expensive face wash and creams to remove pimples and stains or take expensive treatments in parlors. Which also sometimes has to face side effects. In such a situation, if you want to remove facial pimples and stains at home without any side effects, then adopting these above natural home remedies is the best option.in this chapter, How to Remove Pimple Marks at Home Naturally you will definitely get instant relief from pimples after this experiment.

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